Sassy Alfred is my Favorite

Inspired by my last post about Batman: Shaman, I have decided to write a post dedicated to the ever-loyal Alfred, Batman’s confidante, pseudo-therapist, and sassypants extraordinaire.  Within this one trade alone there were numerous instances of Alfred being snarky and awesome, serving as the perfect foil to Batman’s dark, brooding self.

I love that Alfred isn’t intimidated by Bruce Wayne or Batman, and has no problem being sarcastic with one of the most powerful men in Gotham.

Here are just a few of the many reasons I absolutely love sassy-Alfred:


  1. He’s having none of Bruce’s uncultured reading.  Alfred strikes me as more of a Tennyson fan.


2) He appreciates the finer things in life, and has no problem calling out a billionaire for destroying a priceless family heirloom.  Seriously Bruce, get it together.


3) He worries about excessive spending (even though let’s be honest, Wayne can afford all the clothing and bandages he wants).


4) He calls out some pretty exstensive weapons investments (Honestly Bruce, can you at least try to hide the fact that you’re Batman?)

This is just a sampling of why Alfred is Lord Sasspants of Wayne Manor.  With Bruce acting all dark and mysterious, Alfred injects a bit of humor and realism into an otherwise dark and sinister life. Do his comments directly propel the main storyline?  No.  What they do is add a touch of humanity and light-heartedness to a comic that is oppressingly dark and depressing at times.  Alfred understands the importance of what Batman does, but that doesn’t stop him from commenting on some of the more absurd realities he has to deal with.  Bruce seems to take these comments as they come, never reprimanding Alfred for speaking out of turn.  Besides, how could he?  Alfred basically raised him, and knows all of his deepest fears.  If the old man tells him to stop being ridiculous, Bruce had damn well better obey.

Alfred’s quips and comments to a man who puts fear in criminals’ hearts on a nightly basis are amazing, plain and simple.  He says what we’re all thinking as we read these comics, never holding back and never failing to tell Bruce like it is.  Who can ever fault him for that?

No one, that’s who. This man deserves a statue built in his honor for having to put up with all of Bruce/Batman’s shenanigans.  I really hope Alfred remains as snarky and sarcastic as he’s become in these recent trades.

After all, even Batman needs a laugh or two.



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