Justice League International

A new Justice League collection is always exciting to read, especially when it’s written as cleverly as this one was.  When a group of heroes gets together, it’s always entertaining, and I was especially excited to see that the characters in this incarnation of the Justice League were given their own distinct personalities.  I loved that they were all unique characters with their own thoughts and ideas.

Well, I loved it for all of them except Guy Gardner, aka Green Lantern.

Can I just say I really really hate that guy?

As in, I hated him so much I thought about subtitling this post, “Guy Gardner is a Dick (and we’re not talking Grayson).”

Superheroes butting heads is not a new idea.  Whenever heroes team up, there’s almost always some sort of conflict.  It’s only natural.  Each hero has his or her own idea of how things should be done, and is strong-willed enough to fight for what they believe in (duh, kind of the point of being a superhero, right?)

What makes Guy Gardner obnoxious is that he’s not really feeding off of the other heroes as much as you might expect; that’s just how he is.

Guy is more than an instigator, he’s a straight up obnoxious human being.

I was more than a little happy when, after Guy is harassing the entire League with his ridiculous comments and posturing, Batman strides in, walks right up to Guy, and puts him in his place with two simple words:


I don’t care how cocky you are, if Batman tells you to sit down, you sit down fast.

I had hoped this would mean Batman would be able to control Guy and keep him under wraps.  While he’s able to to a certain degree, Guy is much too strong-willed to meekly obey anything he’s told.

No, he’s more of the “muttering under his breath” type.

As though his personal interactions weren’t enough, we get a glimpse into Guy’s political views as well, which unsurprisingly, are just as ugly as his personality.


No big deal, just a freaking Green Lantern suggesting they let an entire country be destroyed by a nuclear reactor.

Seriously, how is this guy even in the Justice League?!  He’s one step away from being a super villain.

Actually yes, please tell me that happens at some point and that he’s so grossly inept that the League gets to kick the crap out of him and throw him in jail.

Hey, a girl can dream.

The best we get at this point is one very annoyed Batman getting in one good, solid punch.

Luckily this is Batman, so one punch is all it takes:


I can’t decide what I love more: Blue Beetle geeking out over the fact that Guy was knocked out by a single punch, or Black Canary commiserating over having missed it.

Let’s go with both.

The punch seems to have knocked some sense into Guy (not his own sense, but someone’s sense) and at the close of the trade he’s acting like a boy scout.  It probably won’t last, but it’s just as hilarious.

On an unrelated note, I was sad that Captain Marvel chose to leave the Justice League.  I enjoyed his character; after all, who wouldn’t? He’s just too precious:


All the other Leaguers are dealing with a crisis and here’s Captain Marvel, daydreaming about Booster Gold’s costume.

Like I said, too precious.  The whole “kid superhero” thing just keeps getting more and more endearing.  Please tell me he changes his mind and comes back!

This trade had way too many great moments, but for the hell of it I’ll catalog a few of my favorites:

-Big Barda’s one-page scene in which she is SO FREAKING AWESOME (have I mentioned I love her?) and doesn’t let Scott (aka Mr. Miracle) get away with anything.

-President Reagan forgetting that he met Superman… on numerous occasions.  How do you forget that?!

-The appearance of the Royal Flush Gang (and me actually knowing who they are! Yay me!)

-Batman making a Star Trek reference

This trade closes with the Justice League becoming the Justice League International, being granted international status by the U.N. general assembly.  It’s clear that the comic is making a political statement by unifying the superheroes into an international organization (while also making them more appealing on an international level – smart marketing).  Luckily, it doesn’t seem like it’s changing the overall structure of the comic all that much.  If anything it will only make it better, allowing the group to focus on world threats rather than worrying about whether or not they’ve crossed into enemy territory.

This was a great collection, and one I have strong hopes for in future issues.

As in, I strongly hope Batman punches Guy in the face again.



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