Bonus Update, and a Mini-Anniversary

Yes, I already posted my blog for the day, but today deserves a little something extra.

Today marks the 6-month anniversary of my first blog post.  Yesterday marked my 100th post.  I never thought I’d keep up with this so steadfastly.  Sure, it’s only been a mere 6 months, but I’ve been posting pretty religiously in that time.  I’ll admit, there were a few times that I considered giving up on this blog, either due to the amount of time it was consuming or due to my lack of massive readership.

I can’t even express how glad I am that I didn’t take my own advice and just quit.

My blogs average between 500-1,000 words each (much closer to the latter, for the most part), so with 100 posts under my belt, that means I’ve conservatively written half a million words in 6 months, and the actual number is closer to one million.

…Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Have I achieved fame and fortune from this blog? Of course not.  Have I enjoyed writing my thoughts on the dozens of comics I’ve read in recent months? Absolutely.

What’s more, I’m extremely grateful to anyone who’s taken the time to read this blog.  I know my readership isn’t in the hundreds, and may not even be in the dozens, but if you’ve stopped by to check out a post or two or like what I have to say, thank you.  It makes me happy to know that my words are being read, even if only by a few people.  You’re awesome (and obviously have super cool taste in reading material).

I look forward to the next 6 months, and hope I can reach the 200-post goal by the end of year one.


PS: Special shout-out to Mistah J, for reading each and every blog post and being insanely encouraging of my writing.  This blog wouldn’t exist without you and your comic collection.  Luv luv.


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