Big or small, DC seems to be a fan of crossover events.

Not that I really blame them.  After all, combining the forces of countless superheroes to battle a world-wide threat is always going to do wonders to boost sales.  People like seeing our heroes united against a single foe, and these crossovers provide the perfect opportunity to allow multiple story arcs to intersect with one another, reminding the reader that all of these individual stories are connected.

Invasion! (exclamation point totally necessary) was a 3-part storyline the united the world’s super-powered individuals against an alien attack.  These aliens were attempting to capture and perform tests on “Meta-Humans”, a term they use to refer to any earthling who has superpowers or the genetic capability to develop such powers.

The basic plot of the story is fairly simple.  Aliens come to earth, attack, and it’s up to our heroes to battle and save the day.  There were a few minor casualties in these pages, but I admit to not really knowing much about the characters who perished, so their deaths weren’t all that poignant.

One point I did enjoy was the discussion of the concept of the “meta-human” gene and how it connects to the larger DC universe.


(Side note: These aliens are creepy as all hell with those razor-sharp teeth.  They’re the stuff of nightmares.)

I really enjoyed the fact that this comic provided a scientific explanation for why so many superheroes spring up on Earth out of seemingly disastrous events.  Due to the presence of the meta-gene in their DNA, their bodies respond when acted upon by excessive stress, resulting in the latent gene manifesting itself in a variety of different manners, resulting in countless different genetic “superhero” types.

Yes, this is far more scientific than your average comic.  That’s one of it’s most appealing aspects though.  It’s always more fascinating to see these supposedly supernatural phenomena explained with science.  It helps ground the entire world in reality, rather that drift off into a fantasy world with no real connection to our own lives.

I’m a science nerd, so shoot me.

As with the Millenium crossover, there were countless tie-ins to other comics, referenced by notes throughout this trade.  A few I had read; many I hadn’t.  While I don’t feel as though I have the complete Invasion! storyline, I think I have enough to appreciate the story.  It’s not perfect, it’s not particularly polished, but it was a fun read nonetheless.  It’s exciting to open a comic and understand the numerous references made to various characters and past events.  It’s as though you’re privy to a secret world, understanding the hints and clues dropped at every turn.  There will always be small references that go over my head, because it’s impossible to have read everything ever published.  Still, I feel like I’m finally building upon a solid foundation of comic knowledge.

I can’t wait to see how far it takes me.



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