Batman: Bane

Oh Bane.

Nobody throws a temper tantrum quite like you.

Fresh off the events of Batman: Legacy, Bane is distraught over the disappearance of Ra’s Al Ghul and the apparent death of his betrothed, Talia (I refuse to accept any character’s death as “final” anymore in comics.  They almost always come back.)  Upset that his plans have changed, Bane throws a hissy fit, single-handedly hijacks a nuclear-powered ship, and holds the city of Gotham hostage.

This man seriously needs a therapist.


Bane demands money and the release of Ra’s followers, but his true goal is to kill Batman.  After all, that’s basically always his goal.  The whole world could be crumbling around him, and he’d still be trying to destroy the bat.  If he has to level an entire city with a nuclear explosion to do so, so be it.

Say what you want about Bane, but you can’t deny that he’s determined.

During the course of the story, Nightwing is captured by Bane and used as bait to lure Batman out to the ship (which somehow works even though Batman wasn’t even aware Nightwing was on board until he got there…).  A battle ultimately ensues, with everyone trying to prevent Bane from detonating the nuclear device.  They ultimately succeed, but Bane is thrown overboard.  Batman is wise enough to not assume he’s seen the last of this particular foe, acknowledging (as we readers know all too well) that the bad guy is never truly gone.

This short little comic was a nice addition to the Batman continuity.  While not exactly groundbreaking, it shows just how single-minded Bane is in his quest to destroy his arch-enemy, while also showing that despite Bane having “broken the Bat”, Batman is more than capable of holding his own in a battle.

It’s difficult to say much more about such a straightforward story, but one moment stood out to be above all others.  We see Bane in the midst of an odd nightmare in which Talia stabs him and professes her loyalty to Batman, along with a rather jarring and uncharacteristic image:


Just look at his weird little smiling face.  If that’s not the oddest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.

Also, why is his hand so obviously just grasping Talia’s boob? They couldn’t move it six inches over so it looks like he’s touching her back instead?  Is this what we’re supposed to think Bane believes Batman would do, since it’s his nightmare?  This panel is just ridiculous.

In summation:  Bane gets mad, he throws a temper tantrum, Batman smacks him around a bit, and then he falls into the ocean.  End of comic.

I should find this story silly, but it connected enough to the larger storyline to feel relevant.  Also, it was entertaining, pure and simple.  It may be a simple one-shot, but it was a quick, fun read that manages to shed a little more light on Bane’s unwavering hatred of the Batman.



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