Superman: The Wedding & Beyond

With all the doom and gloom in so many of the recent comics, it’s nice to finally read a good old-fashioned love story.

I was more than a little upset when a brief reference was made to Clark and Lois having broken up in a past comic. I believe my exact thought process was, “What?! No, no, no, that is not okay, no.”

When I saw the cover of this trade, I breathed a sigh of relief.  The story opens with Lois overseas, losing herself in her work in an attempt to forget about Clark.  Along the way she has a bit of an epiphany and realizes that she does in fact want to be with him, and returns to Metropolis to be reunited with the man she loves.

Of course, being Lois, she doesn’t just make a quiet return.

Instead, she pretends to accept an offer of marriage from a drug lord, hops on his private jet to get back to America, turns the table on him and his men and single-handedly takes over the plane.  When she’s finally back in Metropolis, she makes a grand entrance into the Daily Planet, wearing a torn and tattered wedding dress.


I really really loved this scene.  It shows how self-sufficient Lois really is, as well as how determined and driven.  Be it for a story or the man she loves, Lois will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

The middle of the trade is less adventurous, with wedding plans well under way for the happy couple.  We see a more domestic side of the pair, with each celebrating with friends and loved ones before their big day.  A particularly touching scene occurs between Batman and Superman, in which Batman assures Clark that Metropolis will be looked after while Lois and Clark are on their honeymoon.  It’s a surprisingly sweet (but not overly sentimental) moment between the pair, and one that added the perfect touch to the story.

The couple’s big day finally arrives, and the wedding goes off pretty much as smoothly as possible.  As they complete their vows, we’re graced with a double splash page to highlight the celebration.

Such a celebration was well-deserved for the couple, and I wondered if that would be the end of the story. As it turns out, we get to follow the couple on their honeymoon in Hawaii, where they have a truly unique experience.

Clark, still without his superpowers after the events in The Final Night, takes a bullet to the shoulder and is kidnapped by men on a ship, as a helpless Lois looks on.

As it turns out, the men were aiming at Lois, and take Clark as bait to lure Lois to them.  Her drug-lord fake fiance from the beginning of the trade has been arrested, and it seems his brother didn’t take too kindly to the events.  Couple this with the fact that Lois took a knife off of one of the man’s henchmen, a knife that contained a highly sensitive chip in it’s hilt, and Lois quickly became a wanted woman.

At this point we reach what is perhaps my favorite part of the trade.  Clark is trapped, wounded and without his powers.  It is up to Lois to track him down and save him.  We see her using her knowledge as a reporter to track Clark’s location, while also seeing her be downright crafty and fearless as she attempts to defeat the kidnappers and save her husband.

In a surprising turn of events, Lois gets to save Clark for once, rescuing the man she loves and outsmarting those who captured him.


It was a surprisingly sweet moment between the couple, while also serving a key purpose to the overall story.  Clark may not have his powers at the moment, but Lois ultimately married Superman, and this story helps prove that she’s a strong enough woman to handle the dangers which that entails. There’s no doubt that she will some day face obstacles and hardships due to who she married, but at least we know she is more than capable of handling herself.

I’m glad Clark and Lois finally got their happy ending. He’s been pining after her forever, and I’m glad the “will they won’t they” is over.  Still, I can only imagine what sort of hijinks will ensue now that they’re married.  Whatever those may be, at least they can face them together.

Lois and Clark luv luv.



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