Wonder Woman: Mission’s End

“Infinite Crisis Week” Day 3!!

When I began reading Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman, I was less than pleased.  I felt like the title was little more than a placeholder for the character when she wasn’t being utilized in Justice League or some other DC series.  As I reach the end of Rucka’s run though, I’m happy to report that the series has grown on me a bit.  It’s still not my favorite, but the heightened drama is at least more interesting now than it was at the start.

Faced with the aftermath of killing Max Lord, Wonder Woman plans to turn herself into the authorities to be judged by our laws.   Before this can happen however, a series of OMACs attack the Themysciran Embassy, forcing Diana to intervene and try to save as many people as possible. The OMACs are a formidable opponent, but they don’t prove to be more powerful than Diana herself, who overpowers them with a glimmer of excitement in her eye.


Wonder Woman may defeat the OMACs, but the battle isn’t over. She turns herself over to the authorities, vowing to remain in custody until a trial is set.  Unfortunately her promise proves to be short-lived, as she soon sees news footage of the OMACs attacking Themyscira and all of her sisters.  With no other choice, Diana flees and returns to her native home to help her sisters, knowing that Brother Eye is attacking them as retribution for what she did.

The battle is long-fought, and unfortunately the Amazons lose many.  They build a death ray that wipes out many of the OMACs, but it’s a serious price to pay: the OMACs were merely real people being controlled by Brother Eye, and didn’t deserve to see their lives ended this way.  The world’s fears of the Amazons are now realized, and Diana knows the world will never view them the same again.  She urges her sisters to leave this plane, fleeing Earth and retreating to their own private safety.  Diana insists on remaining behind though, a sacrifice that hurts her more than any death probably ever could.


Utterly alone in this world now, Diana continues to fight Brother Eye, while also trying to be of some help to her former friends, the same friends who shunned her for what she did to Maxwell Lord.

As the comic closes, with Diana plunging back into battle to help save the world yet again, we’re given a glimpse of her preaching her message of hope yet again. Despite what she’s done, Diana remains a proponent of peace and helping those around her.


She inspires those around her to be better people even as she flies off to fight in a battle most couldn’t hope to survive.

I almost wound up inadvertently skipping this trade while bouncing back and forth within the Infinite Crisis storyline.  Having read it, I’m really glad I didn’t miss it.  I was unsure of how to view Wonder Woman after what she did to Max Lord, but this trade helps shed a little more light on her character and how she feels about the ordeal.  I genuinely respect her more after having read this story, and it adds yet another layer to the already complex story that’s been unfolding before me.  Is this the best trade in the Infinite Crisis storyline so far?  No. It’s also not the weakest, either. It’s a great end to Greg Rucka’s run on the title, and a  fitting lead-in to the events of Infinite Crisis.  Truly alone on this world, left behind by her sisters and her gods, Diana is surely going to face her greatest trials yet.  For once, I’m actually curious to see how she handles it all.



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