Superman: Infinite Crisis

“Infinite Crisis Week” Day 5!!!!

We’re inching closer and closer to Infinite Crisis. The suspense is palpable, and each story is more closely tied into that story than the previous.  Superman: Infinite Crisis, as the name suggests, directly ties into that storyline.  With this trade a huge reveal is made, namely that Earth-2’s Superman and Lois Lane, Earth-Prime’s Superboy, and Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor (all of whom were saved from destruction during Crisis on Infinite Earths) have returned to the fold, and are less than pleased with what they’ve seen happening on the current Earth.

Saddened and disgusted with how corrupt the world has become, they all feel as though they must do something to correct the natural of order of things. Compounding this feeling is the fact that Lois, trapped in this alternate world for so long, has started to fade.


Desperate to save the woman he loves, Superman crafts a recreation of Earth-2 , hoping this will restore Lois and heal whatever’s been ailing her.  It seems to work at first, but as Lois points out, it’s not really their world, and with that she collapses and dies in Superman’s arms.


Distraught over Lois’s death, Superman breaks through the barrier between the worlds, bringing him face to face with the current Superman.

The two have a “Freaky Friday” style moment, in which they switch lives and make different choices based on what they view is right.  In these altered realities much stays the same, but many things change as well, not always for the better.  One reality finds the world thrown into a fascist state, with Superheroes playing judge and jury for all villains.  Regardless of what happens, the two wind up locked in a desperate battle to preserve the world they know and love.


Ultimately the two are united on one earth, facing off against each other, with Earth-2 Superman being convinced that our current Superman is leading the world to destruction.  An unexpected appearance by Wonder Woman changes the course of the fight, with Diana ensnaring Earth-2 Supes in her lasso, forcing him to listen to reason.  In a moving scene, current Superman points out that a perfect world wouldn’t have a need for a Superman, leaving Earth-2 Superman to realize that the perfect, idealized world would never be his world.

The story is far from over, but at least now the two Supermen are fighting on the same side.  It was heartbreaking watching Superman lose Lois, as well as come to the realization that he can never be a part of the perfect world, no matter how many times he’s saved his own world from utter destruction (the biblical image of Moses being refused entry into the promised land comes to mind).  It’s heartbreaking to say the least, and only helps cement Superman as a true hero.  Nevertheless, the story is just beginning, and with everything about to happen in Infinite Crisis, more than just Superman’s life is about to change forever.



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