Happy Blogiversary!

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the start of this blog. One year ago today I was writing about Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1, with no idea how far down the rabbit hole I’d be going.  In that year I’ve hit most of the major plot points in DC’s continuity, spanning 70+ years of publications.  I’ve read over 250 individual trades in that time, writing a separate blog about each one.  There have been a few times when I felt overwhelmed or maybe wanted to quit, but I’m so glad I’ve stuck with it, discovering a whole new world of stories in which to envelop myself.  Who would have thought I could prattle on about comics for an entire year?? Certainly not me.

I had a minor 2-seconds of fame after Cracked.com linked back to my Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City post in the #1 spot on this list. My site saw an influx in traffic then, and while it’s petered out in subsequent weeks, it was nice to have something I’ve written be linked back to by a real site.  *Shades on, walks down the street like a celebrity*

If you’ve ever liked or commented on one of my posts, thank you. If you’ve ever read and enjoyed one of my posts, thank you. I don’t get a ton of traffic on this blog, but then I write it more for me than anyone else. Still, if I know that even one person enjoyed reading what I have to say, it all feels worth the countless hours I’ve spent in front of this keyboard, tapping away my thoughts on any number of DC storylines and characters.  It’s been so much fun, and while there are still plenty more comics to write about, I can’t help but feel accomplished with everything I’ve read and written.

For reference, here’s a (woefully outdated) picture of  “the shelf”:


See that 4th shelf down from the top? Yeah, I’ve read about half of that shelf, as well as everything above it.  Not too shabby for one year’s work, if I may say so.  And here Mistah J thought it would take me an entire year to read just the top shelf (he’s never going to live that down).

I still have plenty left to get through, but my hope is to be done with DC’s continuity by the end of this year (or perhaps very early next year).  Once that’s done, who knows where I’ll go? Maybe I’ll take a foray into Marvel Comics, or branch out into a few other creator-owned series.  Either way, here’s to a year of blogging, and many more to come.

Now, I’m off to find a cupcake. Anniversaries (or blogiversaries) mean I get cupcakes, right? Right??



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