Green Lantern Corps: To Be a Lantern

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Oh Guy Gardner, how I’ve missed you.

Okay, not really, but he’s who we’re stuck with in this latest Green Lantern storyline.  This time though, the focus is placed on the Corps itself, rather than any one Green Lantern.  Thank God, because I don’t think I could read an entire comic in which Guy is just flying around being misogynistic and obnoxious.

The story here focuses on various GLs across numerous sectors, as each is faced with challenges that will affect their lives and those of the people they care about.

…Okay yes, that’s incredibly vague, but then it’s pretty difficult to sum up this story.  There are a handful of characters emphasized, and while the stories are good, not all of them drew me in as much as I would have liked. At least not enough to make me want to write about them for 1,000+ words.

It’s clear that Guy Gardner is one of the most recognizable character here, and as such he is given a bit more page time than his fellow GLs.  Most of this time, of course, is spent making jokes and talking himself up, since that’s just what Guy does.


I understand that we’re really not supposed to like Guy Gardner per se, but I just find it difficult to read about him sometimes.  He’s frustrating and sexist, and I can really only handle him as a foil to more level-headed characters.  He has very few sparring partners in the GL Corps, and so his comments come across as even more mean-spirited that in past stories.

One character I was able to rally behind though was Soranik Natu, the reluctant Green Lantern who accepts her duty as a Lantern but who winds up being shunned by her people, who believe the ring is a curse.


I felt for her character, and as she leaves her home planet behind I was struck by how difficult her decision must have been: honor the duty bestowed upon her, or stay with her people.  It’s a difficult decision for anyone, and Soranik’s ultimate acceptance of her role was quite moving.

Also, she’s one of the only characters to put Guy Gardner in his place, so she instantly shot up to the top of my favorites list within this trade.

The trade was less about any individual storyline and more about setting up a future for the Green Lantern Corps. They are still training their latest batch of GLs, and we get to watch as those members adjust to their new lives and struggle to balance their new roles with their individual identities. The comic is well-written, but as it only contains the first handful of issues in the series, it all feels like a lead-up to something bigger.  What that will be exactly I’m not sure, but I’m holding out hope that whatever it is, it kicks Guy Gardner’s butt around (at least just a little).



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