Green Lantern – Wanted: Hal Jordan

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As Geoff Johns continues his run on the Green Lantern series, we start to see the larger impacts his vision is making on the DC universe.  These changes are exciting, while the means of creating them are sometimes a little funny. Still, Johns walks the fine line between suspending disbelief and outright absurdity. While I didn’t love every single moment of this trade, it was definitely a game-changer.

First things first: There’s a brand new Corps in town. This time it’s the Sinestro Corps, led by (you guessed it) Sinestro, whose yellow power rings seek out people who have the capacity to instill great fear in others.  In this story, the ring settles on Amon-Sur, Abin-Sur’s crazy son who was hell-bent on destroying Hal to reclaim his father’s ring.

 photo 20160909_133758_zpstepgrhrr.jpg

There’s a whole big “I hate you Hal you don’t deserve the ring blah blah blah” storyline, but it all leads up to this moment. Amon-Sur is whisked away to begin his training as a member of the Sinestro Corps. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

Also, bonus awesome scene: The ring originally went to Batman and offered him membership, but he refused.  This was a brief scene, but it was really freaking cool.  If anything, it’s pretty awesome validation for Batman that he is, in fact, a great beacon of fear (as though we didn’t already know that).

The second half of the trade takes a different spin, with poor Carol Ferris being mind-controlled by a purple crystal (again).  This time though it jumps over to Hal’s most recent romantic interest, Jillian, aka “Cowgirl”.  The battle with Hal and these women ultimately leads to the revelation that there are a bunch of different colored power batteries/rings, which all control different emotions and will likely collide in a fantastic way.

 photo 20160909_133824_zpsdceyfibc.jpg

This is included more as a teaser than anything else, but I’m pretty excited to see where this all goes. I was vaguely aware that there were different colored rings, but it’s fun to finally get an explanation as to what they are and what they can do.

What I didn’t love so much about this storyline was the blatant and grating romantic triangle that formed between Hal, Carol, and Jillian.  At first I just took this to be a brief “Carol and Hal have history, but it’s time to move on” inclusion, until the very last page of the trade, in which this is revealed about Carol:

 photo 20160909_133722_zpsbrlitxhj.jpg

Ooooooof course.  Now that Hal is finally trying to move on, put this past relationship behind him and begin anew with Jillian, it only makes sense that Carol would suddenly be divorced. After all, this is a soap opera….oh wait, no it’s not. Maybe this shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but the love-triangle schtick has been overplayed across various forms of media, and I’m just kind of sick of it at this point. I get its purpose as far as creating tension and drama, and forcing the hero to choose between two loves, but I’ve just read similar stories so many times that I want something different.  I’m sure for the next handful of issues Hal will be struggling to deal with his feelings for both women, trying to decide which he should pursue. If I had to guess, I’d bet he ends up back with Carol; there’s history there, and fans would probably be more excited to see them finally settle down than to watch Hal choose a relatively new character.  Of course, that’s just what  would want, and may not appeal to the main demographic as much, so we’ll see.  While I may not know exactly who he’s going to choose, the path to get there is pretty clear-cut, and just really feels unnecessary for an otherwise compelling storyline.

In summation: Abin Sur’s son throws a hissy fit and wants GL dead, Batman could have been member of the Sinestro Corps, and Hal Jordan finds himself in a cliched love triangle after a purple crystal adheres itself to two women he cares about.  Just another average, ordinary day in the life of a Green Lantern, I suppose.



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