The Green Lantern Corps: The Dark Side of Green

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The title of this trade makes me think of Kermit the Frog. In my mind it just sounds like, “It’s not easy being green”, and I can’t disassociate the two. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

So much happens in this latest Green Lantern Corps trade, and it’s clear that the storyline is leading up to something pretty major.  The first half of the trade introduces The Corpse (god I love a good pun), sort of the CIA of the GLs, a super covert team who does what the GLs are too good to do. I’d focus on this storyline, but given that Guy Gardner’s memory is wiped at the end of the arc, I’m choosing to believe knowledge of these events may not be very important short of knowing that The Corpse exists. So, moving on.

The latter half of the trade introduces new troubles for our GLs, specifically Guy Gardner, as another GL accuses him of murder.

 photo 20160912_134434_zpssvvv7qcc.jpg

Now, Guy may be an insufferable asshat, but he’s no murderer.  The problem is, all of the GLs want to follow protocol and bring him to Oa for questioning, after confiscating his ring, that is.  You can imagine how well that goes over.

On the run, Guy follows the only lead he had and travels to Mogo.  There he discovers that the planetary lantern has been infected with some sort of virus, which is infecting other lanterns and controlling them.

 photo 20160912_134619_zpsfh8lr4rw.jpg

It’s up to Guy Gardner and a handful of GLs to figure out how to stop this virus from spreading. Ultimately, Mogo just puts himself in the path of an Asteroid, and the impact kills every last vestige of the virus. Of course, now the question remains as to how Mogo contracted this virus, and whether a malevolent being/group is responsible (this is a comic, so the answer to that is a resounding DUH).

Interspersed throughout the story are comments by the Guardians, mentioning a prophesy that they have chosen to believe is a false trail.

 photo 20160912_134533_zps5xbaduau.jpg

This prophesy was revealed to Abin Sur and eventually helped cause his death, but the Guardians think it is merely a tactic to instill doubt and fear among the Corps.  They disregard any further mention of it, but obviously it’s going to play into something big.  Seriously, why are the Guardians even allowed any control of the universe?? I feel like they make some pretty damn huge mistakes.

I didn’t love this comic, but it was good for what it was.  There are way too many characters in The Green Lantern Corps comic for me to focus on any one’s story, with seemingly side characters vying for top billing.  It sometimes makes for a rather disjointed story, with too many focal points for the story to flow smoothly.  Still, it was a decent story overall and it’s clearly leading to something much bigger.  I’ve got a handful of Green Lantern trades ahead of me on “the shelf”, all in a row, so I can’t wait to see where this whole storyline goes. With this sort of buildup, I have a feeling it’ll be pretty epic.



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