Green Arrow/Black Canary: Road to the Altar

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I’m a bit out of the loop on this one, since I honestly wasn’t even aware that Ollie and Dinah were officially back together.  Oh well, I caught up pretty quickly after Ollie proposed on page 2 of the trade.

It seems I’ve missed a couple major plot points though. Ollie is no longer mayor of Star City, and Dinah is now taking care of a young girl named Sin, who was being trained to become the next Lady Shiva.  Once again, I was able to catch on pretty quickly.

This trade comes with two stories: the first being whether or not Dinah will accept Ollie’s proposal; the second being how Dinah will cope with young Sin, and how she’ll keep her safe.

 photo 20160918_151710_zpsjszno7qe.jpg

It turns out, these two stories are intertwined.  The League of Shadows wants Sin, and the group attacks her school and steals her away.  Dinah and Ollie go after her, and Ollie makes a sacrifice that he knows will cost him Dinah: he arranges to have it look like Sin has been killed, so that the League of Shadows will stop their pursuit. Unfortunately, doing so involves letting Dinah think she’s dead too, at least at first.  Sin writes a letter for Dinah a few days alter explaining that she is safe, and that this was the only way to keep her safe.

At this point there’s a little speech about how Ollie is always so selfish, but that he finally made a choice in which he wasn’t thinking about himself, all leading up to the somewhat predictable outcome:

 photo 20160918_151611_zpsqwmn3qyo.jpg

For me, the trade ends here.  There’s a Black Canary Wedding Special that was included as well, but that was nothing more than a cliched story about Dinah turning into a sterotypical stressed out bride while Ollie coolly sat back making rational suggestions that were steadfastly ignored.

…Yeah, I really wasn’t a fan of that “special”.  There’s a two-page spread about Dinah and a few female superheroes lingerie shopping (complete with pictures, because of course) yet not a SINGLE reference to any deeper feelings or emotions the bride or groom might be feeling about, oh you know, finally tying the knot after all these years. It was a shallow story, and just not my cup of tea.

The rest of the comic was a pretty cut and dry trade.  There was never really any doubt that Dinah would say “yes”, especially given how much time she took to decide. You don’t write that kind of build-up to end in a “no”.  While I’ve always liked the Canary/Arrow pairing, for some reason I wasn’t as invested in the outcome of this story. Maybe it was because so many of the events were new to me that I felt a bit removed from the overall story, but I just wasn’t as drawn into their story as I could have been.  All in all a nice little story, even though the wedding itself wasn’t included in the trade. At least Ollie and Dinah will finally (hopefully) get their happily ever after..assuming they make it that far.



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