Justice League of America: The Injustice League

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In case the title and picture didn’t give it away, this trade is about a newly formed Injustice League.

Spearheaded by Lex Luthor (who through his unfortunate placement in the above picture has been relegated to the back cover – something he would never stand for), the Injustice League reforms with a vague but believable goal in mind: take over the world, and allow crime and such to be part of society.

Simple enough. I love a good, old-fashioned “let’s take over the world” story.

I liked the way the Injustice League was selected, with Luthor teaming up with Joker and Cheetah to determine who should be admitted.

 photo 20160918_192405_zpsomspgcxw.jpg

This scene mimics how the JLA was reformed, with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman meeting to determine who should be extended an invitation. It seems fitting that each of those heroes’ primary foes should be instrumental in forming the Injustice Society.  There’s a nice symmetry to the whole thing that I rather enjoyed.

Honestly though, what in the world would possess Luthor (or anything for that matter) to willingly work with Joker? He’s unstable, even by crazy standards.

The bulk of the story is pretty straightforward: not bad in any way, and certainly enjoyable, but just somewhat formulaic.  Members of the League are captured, other members must break in to free them, the bad guys are captured, etc.  I’m not knocking this trope; it works. With storylines like these though, I tend to focus on the writing. If the scenes are going to follow a classic pattern, I want the writing to stand out to me. Luckily, this trade lived up to my expectations.

 photo 20160918_192629_zpsrekwuseu.jpg

I really love it whenever Batman says, “I’m Batman” as way of an explanation. It’s the only explanation he needs for anything, really, and I’m surprised that anyone even questions how Batman knows or does anything at this point.His skills are just that good.  Every time Bruce utters, “I’m Batman”, I feel like he’s thinking, “Seriously, you’ve known me for how long? Is there anything I can’t do??” and it makes me really happy.

Basically any time Batman shows even the briefest hint of levity makes me really happy.

The writing was sharp, funny without trying too hard, and the story seems to be just beginning. Although the Injustice League is captured seemingly when they’ve just begun, Luthor lets slip that he had a whole other plan in motion, one which hasn’t been stopped at all.  Obviously a lead-up to whatever happens in the story down the road, I’m willing to bet it’s something on a fairly massive scale.

Overall, a great addition to the Justice League of America series.  Other than Firestorm being officially admitted into the JLA (more like forced in because Batman said so), there aren’t too many big changes in this comic. It’s a great story nonetheless. I’m hoping future appearances of the Injustice League show the villains interacting with one another a bit more; I’m always a fan of how they play off one another.  Until then, I’m happy to sit back and wait to see how Luthor’s master plan unfolds, whatever it may be.



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