NYCC 2016 (My First Con)

I’ve been writing this blog for a little over a year now and working my way through DC’s continuity (at a rather alarming pace, I might add).  Having immersed myself in this world, I knew that Comic Con was something I needed to experience.  Mistah J has been to every NYCC since they began, and when tickets went on sale, he graciously purchased an extra for me. We’re fortunate enough to live in central New Jersey, a mere 90 minutes from New York City.  The super-short story is: we went, it was awesome, we came home with a bunch of stuff (and slightly less money).

But when do I ever tell short stories? Nope, you’re getting a run-down of everything, because that’s the way things go here at HolyComics,Batman!

We had the whole thing planned out perfectly. Leave Mistah J’s apartment at 7am, drive into the city, have a nice breakfast, and be at the Javitz Center for when the Con opened at 10am.  Even with obnoxious commuter traffic, we managed to get into the city by 9, and be right outside the Javitz Center right before 10.

Aaaaand this is where things started to go downhill.  According to Mistah J, in past years he had arrived at the doors when they opened, and gotten right in.  Whatever the reason, be it complete and utter lack of organization or something else entirely, there was a massive line to get into the building. In fact, it wrapped around the entire Javitz Center.


We stood in this line, slowly shuffling along, with no person or sign to direct us. We all just huddled together in a bizarre mass as we impatiently waited to be let in.  The only saving grace was that, due to the double line that formed, we got to see a bunch of people’s costumes as we walked by.  This made the line much more entertaining. Mercifully, Mistah J and I managed to remain upbeat about it the whole time.

Even so, we didn’t get into the building until noon.  Yep, 2 HOURS we waited outside. Thank god it wasn’t raining, is all I can say.

Once inside, everything was a bit of a blur. I knew it would be busy, but I was shocked at how immense the whole thing was.  I’m kicking myself a bit now for not taking pictures inside the building, but I was just too busy taking it all in.  A part of me is glad I didn’t have my phone glued to my hand; this way I could just fully experience being there.

Still, a few pictures would have been nice.

We wandered around a bit, just getting a feel for the layout.  There were a few items we were interested in finding, so we tried to search those out first before reverting to more casual browsing.

 photo 20161007_185725_zpsch4pbjtq.jpg

One of the key items on my list was this Faith Funko POP! figurine.  I would have had it sooner, but it was a NYCC exclusive, so I knew if I wanted it I had to track it down here. I lucked out and found it pretty easily, so once I had this in hand I was well on my way to completing my shopping mission. I don’t like the fact that it’s “exclusive” to the Con, since if I wasn’t fortunate enough to live close to New York/get a ticket, I never would have been able to get this.  Manufacturing limited numbers is fine (I suppose they want to maintain the “collectibility” of some items), but at least make those limited numbers available to the masses, not just those who lucked out on being in the right place at the right time.

*Steps down from mini soap box and continues gushing over STUFF*

For a good part of the day I was on sensory overload, just trying to take everything in.  There were so many brilliant and creative cosplays, and plenty of awesome (and insanely expensive) pieces of artwork that, if my annual salary had an extra zero at the end, I totally would have bought.

I’m finding it so much harder to accurately describe what it was like than I thought I would.  There was just so much happening all the time that it’s impossible to put into words. Mistah J and I rifled through the 50% off trade boxes, browsed classic toys, vintage video games, and tee-shirts, and just tried to see as much as we could.

We didn’t stay the entire day, but we still saw so much.  I think even now, a week later, I’m still trying to process it all.  On that note, why don’t we focus on what was easily the most fun part of the trip: all of the loot we came home with!

 photo 20161007_185711_zpsiyxxzbke.jpg

My haul included just two trades: Batman: Lil’ Gotham Vol. 1 (not going to lie, I bought it solely based on the ADORABLE cover) and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe because it’s Squirrel Girl, and I love her.

 photo 20161007_185950_zpssvkbdpuw.jpg

Mistah J handled the bulk of the trade purchases, since all of these comics are going to live within his already impressive collection anyway. I like to think I helped by at least finding a few trades that I knew he was looking for (specifically, a few missing trades from Gail Simone’s run on Birds of Prey. So excited to read those!).

 photo 20161007_190021_zpsjejnyvnq.jpg

We each bought a few tee-shirts, since we just couldn’t pass up all of the creative ones we saw.  Mistah J’s favorite was a TMNT-inspired find, which is just too perfect for him (and by “perfect” I mean he’s in his 30s and likes Turtles..I guess I have a pretty low bar for perfection).

 photo 20161007_185755_zpsss7nsqpb.jpg

My favorite appealed to the Harry Potter nerd in me. Usually HP paraphernalia is so blatant that it practically screams, “Yes, I like Harry Potter!”. While there’s nothing wrong with that (I own a few such items myself), I liked the subtlety of this one. It feels more subdued, and someone could easily glance at it and think it’s just a random shirt. I like being able to show my love for something without having to feel like I’m screaming it at everybody, so this worked perfectly.

Not too shabby if I may saw so myself, plus I managed to leave with a little money still in my wallet, which is always a feat for me.

I didn’t think a Con would be so difficult to describe, and yet I’m finding it impossible to sum up.  I’m extremely grateful that I live so close and am able to attend one of the largest Cons in the country.  It was an incredibly experience, and I can see why it’s such a huge draw. Everyone was allowed to fully be themselves and geek out over anything and everything they loved.  I saw so many cosplays for characters I never would have expected (Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service” being one of my personal favorites).  I didn’t see anyone being rude or impolite to any discernible degree, and it just felt like a very welcoming place overall (obnoxious overly-long entrance line notwithstanding).  I understand the draw of it now, and already want to go back.

Also, Mistah J and I are already planning on doing a full cosplay next year.  I promise there will definitely be pictures of that.



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