Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come Part Two

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Geoff Johns continues to impress me.  His run on Justice Society of America has grabbed me since his first issue, and he continues to write an engaging and well-crafted story here with part two of the “Thy Kingdom Come” storyline.

Picking up where “Part 2” left off, the JSA is still trying to decipher exactly who this mythical “Gog” is and what it is he wants. the team  battles a man who is infused with Gog’s powers and uses them to kill false gods.  This man is soon replaced by a being the JSA  never could have imagined.

 photo 20161003_133249_zpspqpazvsi.jpg

This being is the real Gog, and he quickly rises from the earth where he’s been laying in wait for millennia.  This being puts the entire team on edge, as the Superman of Earth-22 says that on his Earth, Gog was the precursor to a being named Magog, who would soon wreck havoc on the world and lead to the destruction of superheroes.  Believing they may suffer the same fate, the JSA watches Gog closely, certain that he is going to incite a war or cause untold damage. Instead though, Gog’s motives seem to be selfless and kind.  He provides those he encounters with their very hearts’ desires: returning Dr. Midnight’s sight, letting Sandman get a good night’s sleep, and even reversing Damage’s battered appearance.

 photo 20161003_133329_zpsownberyk.jpg

Gog appears to be a gift to humanity, leaving a garden of Eden in his wake, and improving the lives of everyone he meets.  The group is soon divided though, especially after Gog makes Power Girl disappear.  Nobody on Earth knows where she is, and when Power Girl wakes up, she realizes that she is on Earth-2, her home planet that she long thought to be lost.

Unfortunately, cracks begin to show in Power Girl’s world, just as flaws show through in Gog as well.  Power Girl realizes she doesn’t belong on Earth-2, as that universe had already provided itself with a replacement P.G.  Gog’s actions seem noble, yet they also cause problems, and soon every member of the JSA has taken sides.  Before an all-out war can erupt, Gog returns life to a fallen soldier, giving him a name that is all too familiar.

 photo 20161003_133432_zpsv0dqm8pc.jpg

Magog’s creation seems to confirm Superman’s fears, implying that this creature is going to spell the end for the JSA as well as all other superheroes.  The comic closes with Magog’s appearance alongside Power Girl looking for help on Earth-2, hoping to find a way back to our universe.

This is a surprisingly well-written comic. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as how Geoff Johns wrote it.  I’ve been consistently impressed with his writing, and particularly his means of crafting a well-thought out story.  I’m enjoying the progression of the story, especially as Gog’s first appearance conflicts with what the JSA had been expecting. I like watching them wonder if maybe they were wrong, as some of them follow this apparent messiah blindly while others hold back, still wary of his power.  There are obvious religious allusions within the story, but Johns doesn’t hit you over the head with them. Instead, he allows the story  to exist in its own right, while also allowing the reader to infer what they may.  Given Johns’s penchant for crafting incredibly stories, I’m confident I’ll enjoy the concluding trade.  I almost hesitate to write that, as I’m sure the time will come when I read something of his that I’m not a fan of; still, he’s wowed me so far, and if the lead-up story is any indication, this comic will have one hell of a finale.




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