Justice League Volume 1: Origin

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Before I started reading this trade, Mistah J described it as, “Geoff Johns’s pitch for a Justice League movie”.  I honestly can’t think of a better description. Luckily for Johns, it works incredibly well here.

The writing is sharp and witty, with each character bringing a distinct personality to the table. I’ve read plenty of lesser Justice League comics in which the overall story may be good, but the individual character development is lacking.  Characters are sometimes left behind for the sake of the larger story.  Being a fan of the individuals characters themselves, I tend to favor those types of stories, so Johns’s take on the Justice League was right up my alley.

The story here is not complete, no doubt continued in later trades, but this collections helps to jump-start the entire New 52 run.  With the timeline rebooted, the League is no longer the old and trusted team they once were. Instead, we’re greeted with a new incarnation, with all of the distrust and quippy dialogue one would expect from such encounters.  My personal favorites here are the exchanges between Batman and Green Lantern. While there has never been any love lost between Bruce and Hal, Johns brings a great balance between humor and animosity to the meeting of these two heroes.  For some reason I really enjoy watching the heroes spar, especially when they first meet. Given that they each have such strong, distinct personalities, it only makes sense that they would butt heads while trying to figure out how to navigate working together.  The realism in this is fascinating, and makes the comics that much more enjoyable.

I’m not very far into the New 52 continuity at this point, but it seems clear that much has changed. Whether it’s for the better or worse has yet to be seen, but it certainly feels different than anything else I’ve read within DC’s continuity so far.





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