Update! (Finally)

Hello all! (Er…all three of you who actually read this.)

It’s been a while, and since I’m off today and have officially exhausted all other forms of distraction, it felt time to return for an update. It’s been a few months since my last post, mainly because I was pretty spent from blogging. I had been posting every single day for the better part of a year, writing anywhere from 500-1000+ words every single day, to the point that I just found myself hating the whole process. I took a step back and decided to just enjoy reading on its own, without having to throw my commentary on every single topic into the mix.

That being said, I’ve officially completed my mission.  That’s right, I read the entire “shelf”, all 434 trades (see here for a complete list of them).  I also went back and read many of the “New 52” issues that haven’t been collected in trade yet, so I’m finally caught up through the Wednesday before last (I’m always a week behind since I have to wait until the weekend to get my hands on Mistah J’s newest purchases.  How dare he want to read his own comics before me!)

Given that I started off with next to no knowledge about DC, I’d say I’ve come a long way.  I can still recall writing my first post about The Superman Chronicles: Volume OneThe Superman Chronicles: Volume One, which included Action Comics issue #1, the one that started it all.  That was over a year and a half ago at this point, and it still astonishes me that I stuck with it and have now completed a pretty damn comprehensive course in DC comics history.  Has anyone else ever delved into the world of comics in this way before, being introduced to the stories in continuity order? I wonder that sometimes, since it seems like a somewhat unique experience, and not something one could do without guidance (how could I have possibly even attempted it without Mistah J and his incomparable “shelf” as my guide?).  Whether it’s been done before or not, I can honestly say it’s something I never would have thought I’d ever attempt, let alone actually complete.

Of course, having read so many friggin’ comics in such a short time period, I’ve become one of those people who gets into arguments with her co-workers about the accuracy of tv show and film depictions, and how true to the source material they stay (I always win, which is nice). I’ve also become somewhat of the resident expert in my office on DC storylines, since most of my co-workers love the screen adaptations but aren’t big into reading. I’m a fan of acquiring knowledge (and may have a bit of a know-it-all side, if I’m being completely honest) so it’s nice to not only know all of these details, but to be able to put all of this reading to use in day to day life.

On top of completing “the shelf”, Mistah J and I also sat down and watched every single episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Young Justice (yes, it’s a lot).  I was a fan of BtAS as a child, but the rest I had never seen (also, just realized the acronym almost spells out “Bats” and that makes me really happy). They were all a lot of fun, and I definitely appreciated watching them with the background knowledge of the comics in mind.  There were so many references and Easter eggs that I would have undoubtedly missed out on a lot had I not been familiar with the comics.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mistah J and I also finished watching all of the animated films in Disney’s canon, having just watched Moana last weekend.

Once I completed all that, I needed a break. I was still reading comics, but only the few newly released issues each week. I took a step back and tended to my other interests outside of the DC universe, along with picking up a few new interests along the way.  I had given so much of my time to reading “the shelf” that other hobbies had been neglected, and it feels good to finally be getting back into them. I don’t regret having read “the shelf” at all, and am honestly quite proud of the accomplishment, but as with any great undertaking, I breathed a sigh of relief when I was finally done.

So where does that leave me? Where does that leave this blog?  I’ve been giving it some thought lately and I don’t think I want to give up on this blog. I doubt I’ll ever return to posting quite as frequently as I did at my height (because honestly, that was just insane on my part), but I do think I’ll keep it up and use this site as an outpost for my musings on various topics, be it movies, television, comics, or anything else that comes into my mind.

A friend of mine and I have recently started watching every single Oscar Best Picture winner in order (they started in 1928, so you can do the math of what sort of undertaking that is).  We’re only a few movies in, and I’ve contemplated starting a new series about those.  I’ve also considered writing detailed posts about each episode of BtAS or one of the other animated DC series I’ve watched lately.  Basically, I’ve got lots of ideas, but haven’t landed on a single one yet.  Maybe I’ll do all of them, maybe none.  I’m biding my time until inspiration strikes, and then who knows what I’ll decide to blab blog about.

Bringing this post full-circle, I must say I’m excited for where the New 52 storylines seem to be headed. They’re slow-going, drawing out the storyline at an almost snail-like pace.  (Or, at least that’s what it feels like when you have to wait weeks for a new issue to come out. Is this what you people deal with on a regular basis?! I guess I better get used to it.)  I’m really excited for the upcoming “Button” crossover storyline between Batman and Flash, primarily because maybe we’ll finally get to see some progress with the whole Dr. Manhattan storyline. I’m loving the way they brought Watchmen into the main fold (and appreciate Mistah J having seemlessly slipped that comic into my reading list so coolly a few months ago, me none the wiser that I kinda had to read it to fully grasp the significance of this storyline).

I’m also glad to see that so many of the small details I disliked about the New 52 have since been explained and/or re-written (bye, New 52 Superman).  I’m liking the current direction DC seems to be taking with their stories, and while I know it’s impossible to say at this point whether these storylines will be a feather in DC’s proverbial cap, or a blight on their publishing record, I have a strong feeling it will lean towards the former.

Okay, I’ve blathered on long enough about not much at all.  I’ll definitely be posting again, I just don’t know when. Tomorrow, next week, next month? Whenever it is, I’ll be fine with it. I’m done forcing myself to write, and would much rather sit back and let the words come to me naturally.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to read a book without pictures. I know, I’m a monster.



3 thoughts on “Update! (Finally)

  1. Glad to see the new post!

    And looking forward to more to come, whatever format/topics you settle into.

    I definitely “get” the burnout… Pretty sure I’m on borrowed time myself with the (week)daily schedule I’ve kept for 13 1/2+ months now, with an indeterminate hiatus to come.

    I started out strictly with reviews as pages I could link to from Facebook; gradually expanded to where I am now with a loosely-defined “…and comics-related content”.

    Enjoy the weekend!


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