I’m Moving! (Well, my blog is)

Hello all!

After my last post, I officially completed my second goal, having watched every theatrically released Disney animated film in order of release.  That, coupled with having finished the my DC continuity adventure earlier this year makes this feel like I’ve rounded out what I set out to accomplish with this site.

That being said, I am NOT giving up blogging.  I definitely have plenty more to say, and I genuinely enjoy sharing my thoughts.  I’ve given it a lot of thought though, and I decided I don’t want to blog under the title Holy Comics, Batman! any longer.  Part of it is due to the ever-constant (and possibly irrational) fear that I will one day be hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit for naming the site after Batman.  No, I have no data to back up this fear, and I’m not making money off the site so it’s probably not even an issue. Still, it’s a concern I don’t need.  The other issue I have with the title is that this blog started off as strictly comics-related.  I’ve branched out a bit with my Disney film reviews, but every time I posted one of those it felt untrue to what this site was originally intended to be.  I wanted a site where I could continue to write about comics, but could also write about movies, books, tv shows – really anything that strikes my fancy.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to call my new blog. I didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself with anything too specific, but I also wanted it to be something fun that reflected who I am. With that in mind, Hippo Planet was born.

Okay yes, some explanation may be required as to why that name was chosen. Simply put, I have this odd affinity for hippos, and they seemed like they’d be a cute mascot of sorts for the blog.  Also, as Mistah J and I were bantering ideas back and forth and “Hippo Planet” was mentioned, I immediately got the “Captain Planet” theme song stuck in my head, and started making up a parody version about hippos.  I took this as a good sign and just ran with it.  The title doesn’t mean much of anything, honestly, but I sort of like that. There are plenty of sites out there with nonsense names, and it allows me the freedom to fill the blog with anything I want (hippos or otherwise).  I’ll still link back to this site on the new blog, with an “Archives” section that will refer back to the writing I’ve done here over the past year and a half. I can’t have people thinking I’m a blogging newbie, after all 😉

Nothing else about my posting or writing will change moving forward. I’ll just be blogging under a new title, and sometimes about topics outside of the comics world.  I’ll still be following all of the same blogs I follow now, and hope you’ll join in following my newest endeavor as well. I’m still puttering around with the layout and design of the site, but I was too excited to wait until it was 100% ready to launch. I’m impatient like that 🙂

If you head on over to Hippo Planet, you’ll see that the site is up and running, and my first post is already published.  Check there for all future updates/blog posts.

Hope to see you there!



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