Welcome to Holy Comics, Batman!, a site dedicated to comics, movies, and just about anything else its creator wants to write about.

But mostly comics.

Jess is a mild-mannered sales assistant by day, badass crime-fighter by night (the crime-fighting’s an imaginary thing, but it still counts, right?)  She read her first comic at the age of 26, got hooked, and never looked back.  Having tasked herself with reading an entire bookcase worth of DC comics (collected by her boyfriend, the incomparable “Mistah J”), she decided to start a blog to chronicle her thoughts and observations on everything she’s read.

Peppered throughout are posts on non-continuity comics, Disney films, and critical analyses of feminist portrayals.  No topic is off-limits, and the subject base is constantly growing.

When not reading or writing about comics (a rare occurrence), Jess can be found watching 90’s cartoons, singing off-key to cheesy pop songs, and gushing over adorable animal videos on the internet.

Goals in life include getting paid to write for a living, baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and playing Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl in a live-action movie.

She is always looking for new comics recommendations, so browse the site, leave a comment, and enjoy!


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